"before i never did these exercises i was 5ft 7inch.
when i started to do these exercises i grew up to 6ft 2in.
i feel great"
YouTube User FUGMIX2
"Hey, I love this DVD. I'm 16 and so far I've done this for 2 months and I've gone from 5'11.5"- 6'2.5"(7.62cm). I Want To reach 6 5” by the time I have finished."
YouTube User jerbjerb2015
"hey lance the good news is, i have increase my height from 164cm to 165.2 cm in 1 week!! but i still nid to grow more..."
YouTube User BoiSpade123

"For me,this works,I'm courentli 185cm,but I'm growing 1cm on month"

YouTube User alien8585
"u know what? i follow what he did in thier video and promise in 2 week i got 1inch, hahaha, i never imagined i can get it in a week... i will do this everyday :)"
YouTube User longkeedogh1
"this works i was 5.4 now 5.9"
YouTube User isaacB19
"i grow 1 cm in 2 weeks,so happy^^
thanks a lot!!!GOD BLESS YOU!!!!"
YouTube User sikatgigi1
"yo wuddup lance so im ttrying the DVD i got it last week i already grow half and inch i think ill be abel to reack 6'10'' yea im 13yrs old and alredy 5'10'-5'9'' so yea cool DVD"
YouTube User Uchiha1996Itachi
"Just after doing this exercise I have gained half an inch to my height from 5 ft 8.5 to 5 ft 9. Thanks! :)"
YouTube User alexyynz
\omg this works. It takes time, but by a months time u will see difference :) im so happy
YouTube user RunsWithWolves911
Re: Grow Taller DVD
thanks you very much =)! and your right! just by stretching with your videos and other ones i grew 1cm in a week (idk in inches)!

ill try to purchase the DVD ^^

thank you so much =D
YouTube user inu142007
Hey Lance, I've been doing your DVD, which is awesome, I've been doing my stretches everyday for a month now and have grown a 1/4 of an inch
YouTube user DrewAmante
Hi, I tried this exercise and others, and I grew from 167 to 170.
YouTube user p0rsch997
This is great!..1 of my desire is to grow taller!..thanks so much Mr. Lance!..ur a height saver!..
YouTube user VanZacAshLuc
i just want to take the time to thank you because of you... i actually grew almost 2 inches in 3 months time. im 17 and now im 5'4. but id like to get to 5'7. i will continually do this until i'm satisfied with everything. people listen to me. his videos are not hoax
YouTube user IndonesiaNegaraKu
ok so i did the stretch with the arms up that stretches the back for two weeks and im now a lil bit taller than 5'8
before starting the stretches i was 5'7.5 so this can actually work if u rlly try
YouTube user ofek3
I won't lie, but when I started these excercises, I grew almost 1½ inches in 4 weeks, I was 5'4½" before and now I'm 5'5¾" exactly
YouTube user lilltigress
I am 20 now, but I did not grow since the age of 15, I remained 5'4½", because of lack of movement and green veggies. But since april I started those excercises, though I hadn't take those that seriously, but I did daily the same excercise which they show in this video. Even my friends said yesterday that they saw a noticable difference since the last few weeks
YouTube user lilltigress
i tried for like a month and there's some change in my legs. it got a little thinner than it used to be then i stopped for about a month it got bigger. so i think if i just continue until in the end of the year probably i'll grow some inches.
YouTube user mynameiskuwis
whats really werid is that im only 14 and stopped growing at 12, because i began to drink coffee, and i was 5'6. oddly after only 3 weeks i grew 2 inches and i am now 5'8 and last night grew another inch. if i were to stop driniking coffee, would my results come faster?
YouTube user 2334tiana
Alrite mate, big fan of this, been doin stretches for both a month,, was goin to give up but just realised today that I grew half an inch in that time,, Im 20 and am now 6 foot and half an inch,, do you think I could reach 6 foot 2 in another two months if I up the workload?
YouTube user whiteyb9
I bought the DVD.. have grown half an inch in 2 weeks!!
YouTube user C2daRISTIAN
Dude u stop growing at 21 naturally but by doing this you grow more so your growing from 2 different sources no matter how old u r u can still grow my strecthing your spine an muscles
YouTube user MrDetectiveconanfan
I kept my height results from the past years.
10= 4"8
11= 4"8 1/2
12= 4"9
13= 5"0 1/2
14= 5"2 1/4
15= 5"4 1/2 (as you can see im starting to have a growth spert)
Im 15 at the moment and from the heights above these are my predictions.
16= 5"5 1/2
17= 5"6
18= 5"7 1/4
19= 5"8
20= 5"8 1/2
21= 5"9
Im never going to be a 6 footer because of my parents mum= 5"0 and dad= 5"8, but this exersise could help me get close, very close,
YouTube user NintendoRazorBlade
My Results!
"hey man i was doing your program for 8 months and there was a big substantiated change for me. believe it or not i grew a foot and 2 inches in those 8 months. i went from 5'0 to 6'2. this is absolutely mindblowing! i highly recmommend anybody to follow this program. amazing at 19 year olds" 
YouTube user MrsHopefulModel
" I gained an inch maybe a lil more since 4 months now...and im 23"
YouTube user TheEgyptianOne
"i did these exercises when i was 17 and its been a year now and i grew 7 inches i was 5'5 and now i am 6'0 i did swimming and played basket ball, i think that also helped! try hanging from a bar dont let ur feet touch the ground too"
YouTube User MACMARK831
"you guys that want to grow taLLER NEED to hang from a bar twice to 3 times a day and play basket ball because it shatters ur knee cartilage and u always grow new knee cartilage and swim a lot because when u swim ur body is being lengthen and there is no gravity compressing ur spine or body stretch to.. thats what i did for a year and i am 18 and grew 7 inches!"
YouTube User MACMARK831
"i grew 2 inches just from watching"
YouTube User best496
< Half inch per month @ 21-22. It works for me but its freaking long
YouTube User La19000
Man, I was watching this, now I'm 1.91m, I can't believe it, is this working or is just my body growing normally ?
thank u

thanks a lot from talking ur advise i was 4.13 now im 5.1 1/2
YouTube User assninja100
Im so happy before I saw this video i was 5'2 (155cm) but after i did stretches next month which is today i measure myself and found out im now 167cm which is 5'5 and a half this really helps i thought it was a joke at first. seriously everyone should try this
YouTube User mdbuzzer1
I did this intense exercise and a variety of stretches for 6 weeks (6 days a week) and i grew 2 and a half inches taller
YouTube User AndyBonHelsing1
I was 5'11.5 at age 18 and now I am 6'1'' at age 19 and still growing. I think these stretches and exercises are helping.
YouTube User Hollisterboy2000
I stretch 3 times a day, Day-Mid day-Night , i stretch for 15 minutes.
i did this for 2 weeks and i grew 1,2 cm. half an inch. so it WORKS great!!
YouTube User WarhawkGamer
inspiration on highest level! thnx..
i have grown 0.8cm in 1.2 months. i want to grow much taller before i hit 18
YouTube User Cxeri93
This stuff really works i grew have an inch in less than a month. I noticed when i went to the doctors and not too long before this recent checkup i measured 5'1 now im 5'1 and a half :) i was so happy and now im trying my hardest to grow at least an inch or two. There is probably still a possibility since i just turned 18. Thanks a lot you guys.
YouTube User xxlinexxable
hey Lance, believe it or not i grew an inch from 5' 6 to 5'7 after doing the exercises in this video for a month. thanks for ur help. i subscribed to ur channel for more info.
YouTube User nirvana10393
Thank you so much for your help lance, Im 6'1 now, I still aiming to grow taller to 6'3 :)
YouTube User oreoal
You have no idea of how much your videos inspire me. They make me wanna follow my routine more and more. I have grown by 1,5cm in 2 months by doing these things:
Eating healthy, sleeping good (8+ hours a day) and exercising (Yoga) for 5 minutes each day. I exercise on day, midday and night. so 3 times.
Take care man!


- Xeri
YouTube User Cxeri93
i use to watch lancees videos last year when i was 5'3 i did excercises for about 4 days then couldnt be bothered and stopped ,now im 5'6 which is still reaaaally short and now i might start doing these excercises again im 15 , 16 in 2 months i just wna be 5'9 n il be happy :p
YouTube User yesimriaz17
i was 6ft tall a week ago but after doing this everyday for a whole week i am now 6ft8
YouTube User drastaify
hey lance i have grown from 5'5 and half to 5'6 in a week with this video .is this height incerase permanent?
YouTube User 420uzair
I'm 6"2 and I'm 15 years old . I grew 2 inches and it seems like it works :)
YouTube User TheJay3396
hey lance my name is uzair and i have grown one and a half inch taller with your video on youtube "mens health magazine grow taller tips demonstration" and i want to do weight training i have done some resistant training when i was 16 but did not used weights . so can i start now bcoz i dont want to stop my growth again i am 17 now exactally and i dont use protein shakes
YouTube User 420uzair
hey lance its uzair again i will be 17 at 27th of august and i have grown two inches from 5"5 to 5"7 .now i have still have 2 years of fast growth can i reach to 5"10or something in next few months. i am doing these stretches about 2 months. plz reply
best wishes
YouTube User 420uzair
Hi lance your'e stretches have worked by adding me almost 2 inches but you did say 6 inches in 90 days. I followed your daily routine and can't seem to pull out another inch or 2 inch. Thank you anyway you have helped me very much appreciated.
YouTube User Sbrumtwn
I'm pretty sure anyone can add 2 inches max to their height using your program as I am doing.

Have you measured your height before and after the program? Is there any way you can make a video of you measuring your height before and after? Thanks! 
YouTube User micyficy
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